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Most car owners want to keep their vehicle as long as possible. To keep your automobile in good condition, there are many tips to improve its lifespan as much as possible.

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The best way to save on your repair and maintenance expenses is to take care of your car on a daily basis. We are going to see together several tips that can considerably improve the life of your car without separating you from your favorite mechanic.

Keep your car clean

Inside and out, keeping your car clean helps it stay in good condition and preserves its resale value. In particular, it is even more important to wash your car in winter , especially if you live near the sea because the salt attacks the metal and causes irreversible damage. Another reason to keep your car clean can be the first impression you give on a first date…

Keep a maintenance log

To track the progress of your car’s maintenance, the most effective trick is to keep a maintenance log. There are also online services, such as Autodoc Club , which allow you to plan your overhauls and part changes in advance while keeping track of each appointment.

Autodoc Club also offers an Android and iOS application that acts as a real car management assistant by offering, among other things, a global view of the maintenance schedule and which allows you to optimize your car expenses.

Moderate your driving

Driving like crazy not only makes you look dangerous, it’s also very bad foryour car’s engine . Sudden acceleration and braking damage all vehicle components. It increases the tension on each part, which has the effect of wearing them out faster. Adopt therefore, if this is not already the case, a fluid driving  by juggling correctly between the use of the foot brake and the engine brake.

Watch your tires

Tires are the direct link between the road and your car. It is therefore important to regularly check their pressure and condition. This optimizes the consumption and safety of your car. Do not hesitate to consult the guide of your vehicle to find out what pressure you should adopt for yourfront and rear tires .

Monitor fluids

It’s not just the car’s oil level that’s important. Other fluids are to be monitored and replaced regularly, such as transmission fluid, radiator coolant , brake fluid or even power steering fluid .

It is therefore necessary to check the levels regularly and to follow the recommendations of its maintenance booklet. A sudden loss of fluid often reveals a leak, this is the kind of detail that should not be left lying around at the risk of seriously damaging your car’s engine.

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