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OEM number on gray card

It is essential in the event of the purchase of a spare part to check that the latter corresponds to the criteria of the vehicle.

It is possible to find his oem registration number on his vehicle or by calling his dealer.

The OEM number of the registration card should not be confused with the VIN number . The latter has seventeen letters and numbers and begins with the letter E.

Would you like to know more about the usefulness of the OEM number of the gray card , where to find the oem number of your vehicle or how to be certain of the oem number of a spare part? Find all the information in this article.

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What is the OEM registration number

The OEM registration number is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This is the reference of an original part for your vehicle. Indeed, most parts of an automobile are manufactured by subcontractors and must meet specific standards to adapt to a particular type of vehicle.

Namely : The mine type gray card is a piece of data used to determine the type of vehicle. Thanks to him it is possible to recognize the parts having been used for the construction of his vehicle in order to be able to repair it easily if necessary by finding a spare part which will be adapted.

When you buy a part, you must be sure that it will fit your vehicle. It is impossible to be convinced of this without first checking the oem number of the gray card.

Where to find the oem number of the gray card?

You can find your vehicle’s oem number directly on your car registration document The latter is located next to the letter E. The VIN number corresponds to the registration of the vehicle, it is made mandatory following the new single vehicle registration legislation. Note that the location of the oem number is different in the old gray card .

Find the oem number of the gray card on your vehicle

There are also other places to find your OEM number in your vehicle depending on the type of vehicle. If you can’t find the oem number of the gray card, you can think of checking these different locations:

The hood

The driver’s door

Timing belt cover

The maintenance log

The boot carpet next to the spare wheel

The gray card oem number is noted at these two locations on a small label. It corresponds to the first 4 or 5 digits on the first line of the bottom frame. The last two digits are the manufacturing plant code. When transferring the vehicle, we will not forget to cross out the gray card .

Note : A distinction must be made between the vehicle transfer code and the gray card transfer code.

Find the oem number of the gray card by calling your dealer

If after looking for the oem registration number on your vehicle you still have not found it, you can go to your dealer. The latter will be able to give you the oem registration number from the last eight digits of your VIN number.

If your dealer refuses to give you the oem registration number of your vehicle, suspecting that you intend to order the part on the internet without going through a dealership, there are solutions. For example, you can request a repair estimate. The oem number of the parts to be purchased will most often be indicated and will correspond to the needs of your vehicle.

What is the OEM registration number used for?

The OEM number of the gray card allows you to certify the origin of the parts. It is essential if you want to buy parts on the internet to check that they can be used in your vehicle.

This is a reference number to verify that the part you want to use is suitable for your car.

What are the characteristics of a part with the oem number of the gray card

The parts corresponding to an oem gray card number meet fixed specifications. The latter makes them suitable for use in your vehicle because they meet the needs of car manufacturers.

The oem number of the gray card makes it possible in particular to certify:

The type of material used to construct the part

The final quality control at the construction of the part

Compliance with the dimensions requested by the manufacturer

The part manufacturing process

Buying a part for your vehicle without having checked its oem number beforehand means taking the risk of not being able to use it or of damaging your vehicle in the long run with an unsuitable part. In addition, LegalPlace has written another article on how to find the confidential code of your car registration document .

Find a spare part with the oem number of the gray card

All you have to do is identify your vehicle by its VIN number – next to the letter E on the vehicle registration document – ​​and search for the part on your manufacturer’s website. Certain accesses to the oem numbers of the gray card are chargeable, others are free depending on your type of vehicle. If you have

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