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Aftermarket Glass

Replacement Glass for Auto Windshields is a clear example of this. You have several options if your car’s windshield has a large chip that needs to be replaced. OEM glass is a replacement windshield that will be made by your car’s manufacturer. There is also aftermarket glass. Aftermarket glass comes in two types. First, there is OEE (original equipment equivalent), and then a generic windshield that is suitable for many different types of vehicles.

OEM Auto Glass

Automakers will ask auto glass companies to submit bids when a design has been finalized and is ready for production. The automaker gives the lowest bidder the contract for the production of the windshield. They also grant the license to the glass manufacturer to imprint the logo and name of the automaker on the glass. This is to inform consumers that they are buying original equipment auto glass. The only company to make glass according to the specifications of auto manufacturers is this one. Even though they may be the original equipment manufacturer for stamped glass, almost all auto glass makers also make aftermarket windshields.

In order to increase their profit margins, car manufacturers restrict the production of OEM windshields. They then sell them to auto glass repair shops and consumers in their parts departments.

Original Equipment Equivalent Aftermarket Glass

OEE windshields can be made by OEMs as well as other reputable auto glass manufacturers, who may or not have bid for a specific model. Glass makers reverse-engineer the windshields that they failed to bid on in order to make OEE aftermarket windshields. Glass makers spend millions on research and development to reverse engineer windshields. The same suppliers of raw materials and the same designers and engineers who make OEM glass are used.

The difference between OEM and OEE auto glass is minimal because it’s regulated by the government. Sometimes, the only way to tell which glass is used is to check if the logo and name of the automaker are imprinted on it.

The Technology of Auto Windshield Glass

The windshields of the past were made from glass and had specifications like thickness and curvature. windscreens are now loaded with technology. High-tech cars today have auto-dimming lights, forward collision warnings, heating elements to defrost and deice, and much more. Automakers advise consumers to only use OEM replacements for their windshields to ensure that these features work properly.

Honda said that while non-OEM components may appear the same and fit into the same space, they may cause the driver assistance or other safety systems not to work properly or at all.

Can Insurance Cover OEM Windshields?

Most auto insurance policies are written in legalese.

The policy includes “glass” as a replacement part. OEE glass can be substituted for OEM. If your car is under two years old, and you need a new windshield, your insurance provider may authorize OEM.

You can still get an OEM replacement even if your insurer won’t cover it. The difference between OEE and OEM will be your responsibility.

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